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Customers Can Start Shopping By Live Streaming Video


Increase Revenue
Make More Money


Coronavirus COVID-19 UpDate: While our vision has not changed, we have modified some of our emphasis, processes and software to assist in serving our communities with life in these times.


Online Buying Induced by Video.


Provide the first live streaming shopping experience for consumers to view store inventory from a mobile phone, laptop, desktop or TV.


Passion: This is important to StreamShopper because we recognize the need brick-and-mortar stores have when competing with traditional online sales. Brick-and-mortar stores have assets not seen in online stores that can be used to push them ahead of online retailers and keep them relevant. In addition, there is a plethora of unproductive product/service videos you have to get through to find a genuine product/service video. We want to make brick-and-mortar stores relevant again and keep them in business!!






The Shopper's Problem:


  • Current shopping online experience is static images that are not representative enough to make a confident purchase

  • Online product videos are spread out and buried under loads of other videos  




  • Shoppers can view a live feed from anywhere of your store's offerings with a 100% live, authentic engagement or,

  • Shoppers can view a live feed from anywhere of your store offerings via a recorded video


Your Store's Problem:


  • Your store is limited to walk-in consumers for revenue

  • If you have an online site, it only mirrors other sites and does not take advantage of the marketing assets you have within the physical store (the merchandise)

  • Limited options to show your Call-To-Action (CTA) video in a shopping venue




  • Increase your consumer exposure by 100% by capturing a new consumer base from all over the world

  • Show merchandise in a way no other site can

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