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The Best Way To Sell Online - StreamShopper's LIVE Show - One-to-One

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Use our cloud-based interactive 2-way discussion broadcast software to visit with shoppers and sell in a personalized, fun, and friendly One-to-One video discussion with shoppers.

A One-to-One connection means new revenue and profits: An individual shopper can shop from their device and watch on a secure, private, and personal connection in real-time. You'll have a 2-way consultation. You pick out and point your mobile phone camera at any item in your store during your LIVE Video Connection. Shoppers will often ask to see a particular item, or you can act as their personal shopper or consultant, and make recommendations. Become an expert and influencer!


Then, they can and will  buy during the video call!

In Addtion, LIVE Video Shows

Another Important Way To Sell Online - StreamShopper's LIVE Show - One-to-Many

In addition,

As a show of complete support, only with our StreamShopper One-to-Many Live  Shows, you get all of the following:


Only with StreamShopper

You are assigned a SS Subscriber Service Support Person and SVideo Producer. But you are not  on your own. In this changing Retail World, StreamShopper provides an expert to assist you, produce your shows, fix technical problems, train you on using your cell phone, broadcast software, and anything else you ever will need. In addition, we will actually have our producer running the Live  Show for you if you want!

Go to our unique MarketPlace,, to see the most extensive U.S. merchandise collection (now under construction, so all items are added). We are building consumers and stores a complete marketplace and search engine, the Seek&Search Engine, where every merchandise item in the U.S. is on In addition, you get exclusive promotion and are ranked at the top of the search results as a Subscriber to StreamShopper. So, Sign-Up now to get this tremendous benefit at no extra cost.


Remember, our algorithm puts your store first, not the biggest retailers! The most extensive selection of merchandise in the U.S.

Your store will be on page one! Shoppers will find you. Did you know that according to certain tests, Google Shopping Search only makes about 8 pages of search results available? That's it. Your store will rarely appear in the search results.


The unique Marketplace  

Our Seek&Search Engine (all items are being added now) contains more items than Google Shopping Tab and Amazon combined. All in one place!

Therefore, Google or Amazon search users who are using shopping search will no longer have to click, wait for pages to load on one store site, then click on another store site, and wait again. Instead, it's all in one place!

To see the:


StreamShopper Marketplace...

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