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Now You Can Make More Money From Your Brick and Mortar Store!

LiveShopping Connection


The LiveShopping Video feature allows you to deliver live shopping to new customers via any device. Customers will shop with you and they can be 1,000 miles away on their mobile phone, laptop, desktop or TV. Expand your presence beyond your local market and keep revenue flowing all day.


A customer can shop from their computer or mobile phone and look in real time at any item they want to see in your store. It’s live streaming video! You can take customers on a tour of the entire store or show them selected items.


It’s fun, social and most importantly, profitable. You control when you want to offer LiveShopping.


















Streaming Live Interactions Unlock Revenue on Every Screen


Bring in new revenue from the internet by selling directly from your store with a LiveShopping connection and your current mobile phone. The LiveShopping video feature helps you have more people see your store’s merchandise, convert shoppers into buyers and boost revenue.



Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter Posting


In one step, you can be listed on StreamShopper, the creator and pioneer of live video shopping, as well as, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter and YouTube!

Make Money Even When You Are Not Open With Our Recorded Video Feature!


Show your merchandise 24/7 on the internet. But, do it with video!


View Item... with ItemClick


Your online store allows shoppers to buy from you anytime when you are not available to do LiveShopping sessions.




StreamShopper allows shoppers to go online to your recorded videos. 



















StreamShopper's Facebook Integrated Services enhance Facebook and make it a Sales Generator using our Live Shopping Video feature to deliver live shopping to followers and new customers!


You control

when you

want to offer















Also, Sell Live From Facebook

Social Media

does the work for
you in our managed services group. No extra charge for personal service.

Easy to Use


We provide a simple process to upload and share your videos.


The LiveShopping Video Feature and Recorded Feature


  • Monetize the internet to work for you

  • NO upfront cost or contract

  • NO long setup process. Your store can be up and running in less than an hour


Now You Can Make More Money

From Your Store!

Convert to Buyers


Create better shopping experiences that convert browsers to buyers

Website Design


The only Design Agency that has the technology and services to meet your needs now and in the future.

We are a digital agency providing strategic web design and features to gain you new business. Only from StreamShopper can your website tell you when a potential customer is browsing, connect the visitor to your sales team by video, enable Facebook to carry special content, rank you higher on Google and have a built in Live Streaming buyer's connection.

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